Told me that I was “too much beautiful”

For 3 consecutive Wednesday I have been followed by the same guy. Each time the guy sees me he changes the direction he was walking in so that he can follow me. And then each time we hit the main road he stops and walks back in the direction we had come from. The first time he followed me, came up very close behind me and then told me that I was “too much beautiful”. Thinking it was a one off I ignored him. The second time he saw me, let me walk ahead and then ran up behind me and again came up very close to me asking if I remembered him. He continued following me until the main road. The third time he saw me, he turned round and walked closely behind me and then came alongside me forcing me to stop. I confronted him and he laughed. I told him to stop following me. He told me he was watching me because I was beautiful. I carried on walking. He followed. I then turned and swore at him telling him that he is being out of order. He then turned and walked away once we had reached the main road.