Instead of feeling intimidated, intimidate them!

While returning from work around 7pm at Kimdol, Swoyambhu, two guys blocked my way. It was dark and I had my torchlight on but I hardly could recognize anybody. Because all the road vendors had already packed up for the day, it was quite and there were very few people walking. The two guys first asked me “Who are you pointing the light at?” I kept quite and tried to cross the road without saying anything but they followed me there too and blocked my way. I had reached to the point where standing up for myself was the only thing left to do so I asked the guys, “What are you guys trying to do here? If you continue blocking my way I’m gonna have to use my fist!”
I was firm and didn’t let them feel that I am weak or scared. After few minutes, one of the guys said “Ok lets leave her” and turned away and left.
What I want to tell everyone with this incident is that no matter what, and how you feel, don’t ever make the harasser feel that you are weak or scared. Always walk with your head up high and instead of feeling intimidated, intimidate them!