Our Team

WONDERING WHO WE ARE…Hollaback! Kathmandu is a team of  young women from Kathmandu, Nepal who are taking stand for something that has been silenced for too long. Currently we have 3 members in Hollaback! Kathmandu team.

Megha Rimal is a Gender Studies and Anthropology major at Mount Holyoke College. She grew up both in Nepal and the US.  She is very passionate about human rights, with a particular focus on women. She believes that when you empower women and girls, all of the community and society benefits.  She is involved in Hollaback, because she wants to see a safe Kathmandu for everyone and not just men.

Praju Dotel wants to become a change maker in her society. She is a feminist and environmentalist and wants to end street harassment in Nepal. She wants to stand up for others and herself. She is interning in Women LEAD for the summer, and is hoping to go to law school.

Sushmita Shakya is an aspiring author, and 2013 Women LEAD alumni who is currently interning in the same organization after completing her +2 final exams. On her free time, she likes to read novels, travel, paint, and listen to rock music. She is involved in Hollaback! Kathmandu so that  she can aware people about the street harassment that is going on in Nepal and how big of a crime that is.