Take Action

1. Make a personal pledge to be a better bystander.

Between November 2014 and April 2015, we’re trying to get 10,000 people to commit to help next time they see someone being harassed. Be one of the first! Click here to see a cool info-graphic on how you can intervene safely (hint: even a knowing look to the person being harassed can reduce their trauma and experience of isolation).

2. Share your story.

Our research shows that responding to street harassment can reduce the impact of trauma — a common side affect of street harassment. You can choose to respond in the moment, or respond afterwards by sharing your story with others or taking action in your community.

3. Start a Hollaback! at your college.

We’ll train you, set you up with a website, and give you access to our supportive global community of over 200 site leaders around the world. Learn more and find out if starting a Hollaback is right for you.

4. Become a volunteer for Hollaback! Kathmandu

Contact us and become a volunteer so that you can help us end street harassment. Email us at [email protected] if you want to volunteer