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Instead of feeling intimidated, intimidate them!

While returning from work around 7pm at Kimdol, Swoyambhu, two guys blocked my way. It was dark and I had my torchlight on but I hardly could recognize anybody. Because all the road vendors had already packed up for the day, it was quite and there were very few people walking. The two guys first … Continued

Told me that I was “too much beautiful”

For 3 consecutive Wednesday I have been followed by the same guy. Each time the guy sees me he changes the direction he was walking in so that he can follow me. And then each time we hit the main road he stops and walks back in the direction we had come from. The first … Continued

Reaction to Rejection?

While i was travelling to my destination, i was on a seat in a public micro-bus. A girl aged about 20 years was about to enter in the bus ,suddenly a boy came to her and started to scold her in very bad way. After he scolded her , he hit on chest of the … Continued

So Damn Ready!!!

Hollaback! Kathmandu is so ready to kick start the Anti-street harassment week. Here is what we have been doing. Behind the scene for tomorrow’s board display in the core city space which is Basantapur Durbar Square.  

International Anti- street Harassment Week

Meet Us On the Street: International Anti-Street Harassment Week – a program of Stop Street Harassment –  is an opportunity to collectively raise awareness that street harassment happens and that it’s not okay. Hollaback! Kathmandu is participating this year as well for the Anti- street harassment week. Our objective this year is targeted to the … Continued

Self Defence Session and Forum Theater

This post was published in Stop Street Harassment submitted by Hollaback! Kathmandu on December 10, 2014 The main goal of our project is to decrease the occurrence of street harassment in Kathmandu city. In the start of the month of October, we did an interactive program to discuss on issues about street harassment. About 15 … Continued

Kathmandu Fights Back

This post was published in Stop Street Harassment Site, submitted by Hollaback! Kathmandu Published on February 4, 2015 Harassment in the streets of Kathmandu has been so normal that it is almost taken for granted. Street harassment like cat calling and explicit evaluative commenting can lead to bigger psychological repercussions in the future. The main … Continued

New submission from Stella

A woman in a relationship is retepaedly raped by her partner. Because there is a pattern of rape and it is predictable that rape will keep occurring is she not responsible for removing herself from a dangerous situation? And, what about a woman who, in spite of being aware that she’s in a risky and … Continued

“Kati ramri nani haru”

Few nights ago, I was walking aroudn thamel with a friend. I was having an amazing night, until a group of men standing outside a bar started cat calling us.  They said things like: aha kati ramri nani haru.” “kata gayirah?” “yaha ayera basa na hauu” . We both got really scared, and we trying to … Continued

Ayesha’s story

On my way into town,  every so often I would always feel some pressure on my waist while riding a micro. I used to look down every time, but nothing was there so I always ignored it. One other day, I was in the same micro. I sat down, and there was a man next to … Continued